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XB-C100 Code Editor For RGB RGBW DMX512 Drivers DMX Address Writer UCS512 TM512 Address Writer


1.XB-C100 code editor: Large display panel, convenient touch screen operation, and rich display.
2.XB-C100 supports operating system upgrades.
3.XB-C100 adopts a built-in battery, and supports continuous work for 10 hours.
4.XB-C100 supports mainstream model DMX512 chips, and can write code and write parameters to DMX512IC.
5.XB-C100 can perform DMX512IC lamp channel address test and test results.
6.XB-C100 port outputs enhanced TTL and 485 differential (DMX) signals, which can load TTL/DMX512 lamps.
7.XB-C100 can support a maximum of 512/2048 pixels (DMX lamps with a maximum of 512 pixels, for example with three channels).
8.XB-C100 22 built-in test effects (optional three-channel / four-channel built-in effects).
9.XB-C100 can insert an SD card to play effects (software effect output selection K-1000), using the same as the K-1000C controller.

Code editor interface and indicator definition
No. Name Port silkscreen Definition
1 Charging port: VCC/GND/VCC DC12-24V power supply socket
2 Power Indicator: POWER Power indicator (normally on when power on)
3 Status Indicator: Status Status Indicator
4 SD card slot: SD SD card slot (play program)
5 Signal output port: GND/A/B/ADDR Single wire DMX512 connection port
6 USB charging port: DC5V USB DC 5V power supply port
7 Switch: SWITCH Code editor switch
8 Touch screen: / Code writer operation panel (touch screen)

Support IC IC Model
UCS seriesUCS512-AUCS512-B
SM  seriesSM1651X-3CHSM1651X-4CH
TM SeriesTM512ABTM512AL
HI SeriesHi512A0Hi512A4
GS SeriesGS8511GS8512
QE SeriesQED512P