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RGBWW 6 Pin LED Strip Connectors 12mm RGB+CCT Connector – DIY Strip to Wire Solderless Quick Connection for 12v 24v Non-Waterproof IP20 RGBCCT Led Strip Lights

RGBWW /RGB+CCT LED Strip Connector 6 Pin 12mm
A 6 pin solderless flexible strip light connector designed to connect led strip lights to 6 conductor extension cable. No need stripping wire insulation with IPC (insulation-piercing contact) technology. Determine wire gauge and length as you want in linear lighting project with this connector. Powerful, reliable, safe to use, avoid difficult and dangerous soldering iron operations. Allow you to connect longer LED strip by one connector.

Technical Data
Working Voltage:Below 24V
Max Current of Pin: 5A
Pin Quantity: 6 pin
Workable Wire Gauge: 0.34~0.52 mm² (about 20AWG )
Workable PCB Thickness:0.2~0.35 mm
Workable Strip Light Width: 12mm
LED Strip Types: RGBWW / RGB+Dimmable with 6 soldering pads
Waterproof Rating of Applicable LED Strip Light: IP20
Working Ambient TEMP.: -20~50℃
Heat Resistance:105℃
Connector Dimension: 24*17*7 mm

1.Does not apply to single-sided circuit board light strip!
2.Non-standard 22 gauge wire is not recommended!

Installation TIPS:
Strip End:
1. Cut the strip straight perfectly, then fully open the clip.
2. Push the strip in until it hits the backing, and pins on the connector make contact,and press hard down for several times with nose pliers to make sure the PINS puncture through the led strips.
Wire End:
1. Have to be separated the 6 wires before you insert them into the connector.
2. Required to press down hard for several times with nose pliers! Ensure the contacts pierces through the insulation on the wire as there are so many non-standard wires on the market!
3. Reminder: no stripping of the wires.  Just be sure polarity nodes are matched up “+” to  “+” and “-” to “-“.
If you have any problem about installation, pls feel free to contact me.