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L Shape RGBWW 12mm 6 Pin RGB CCT LED Strip Connectors

  • L Shape 6 Pins LED Connector Suitable for all 12 mm wide 5050 RGBCCT LED Strip,Tools free installation for your LED light strip connection and extension needs.
  • LED Strips light can be connected tightly through this LED connector without the need for soldering.Ideal for rectangles, squares, corner sections etc.When you need to extend the strip you can ues it as Cut-End to Cut-End Connector;
  • Easy to Use: Simply slot the cut 12mm led light strip into connector and Mounting alignment” +” “-“,then clamp the cover. (Make sure the LED strip below the pins instead of above and Make sure the strip is cut along the cutting line)
  • Fireproof Material:6 pin connector made from PBT material is thick and solid, which is hard to be broken.(Peel off silicon on the surface around soldering area when installing Waterproof Strip)
  • L Shape 90 degrees bend LED connector allows your LED Strip to seamlessly and perfectly connect to the house corners,desk corners and TV or display corners,saving space and perfecting your LED strip project.