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H807SA Artnet To SPI Pixel Controller 8 Ports Pixels Madrix Controller

Ⅰ. Introduction:
H807SA has 8 outputs, supports maximum 8196 pixels, it Support Art-Net protocol and can work with DMX console or set address for DMX chips .H807SA also can add or delete DAT files through the LAN.

1.H807SA both supports ART-NET protocol and can directly use ART -NET software such as MADRIX and JINX! . In Art-Net mode, 8 ports output max 5440 pixels for RGB and 4096 pixels for RGBW

2.Eight ports output , controls maximum 8192 pixels, each port controls maximum 1024 pixels. but only using led studio or led build software.

3.SD card supports FAT32, FAT16 format; maximum capacity is 64G bytes, stores up to 64 DAT files.

4.It can Synchronization control by LAN. It can switch files by sending UDP instructions to Network Port 5, or get the serial number of the playing files.

5.H801RS /H807SA can be connected to DMX console, replace file, and adjust speed and brightness and responses quickly

6.Supporting Encryption Function of Restricting Power-on Number and DAT File Encryption

7.Support set DMX address for DMX chips.


Ⅱ. Features:
1.Eight output ports to control up to 8192 pixels. The maximum control point per port is 1024.

2. The SD card supports FAT32 and FAT16 formats and allows up to 64 DAT files.

3.It can be controlled synchronously by the LAN. You can switch files by sending UDP instructions to the network port 2, or obtain the serial number of the current playing file.

4.It can connect to DMX console, support RGBW, replace files, adjust speed and brightness, and respond quickly.

5.Support art net protocol, and can directly use madrix, jinx and other software supporting art net.

6.Support the encryption function of limiting power on times.

7. DMX chip addressing is supported, with counting points and internal control test functions.

8. It can be connected and detached. It can be directly connected to computer network card, router or main controller.

9.Support online firmware upgrade.

10.Set sculpt of DAT to support DAT files of different shapes.

11.W can be inserted.


Ⅲ. Instructions:
1.SD card needs to be formatted into FAT32 or FAT16 format after adding and deleting files many times. Support SDHC (High Capacity SD card), up to 64g bytes. Up to 64 DAT files are allowed in the SD card, and the playback order is sorted alphabetically according to the file name.

2.Eight output ports to control up to 8192 pixels.
The maximum number of control points per port is 1024. It can also be set as one, two or four output ports. Each port can control 2048 points at most, and the remaining ports can be used as a backup of the used ports. Actually, the maximum output of each port is 1600 points, a total of 12800 points.

Qed3110 chip can only select eight port output, and d986x can only select eight port or one port output.

Tm1812 and simultaneous sequence chip support 16 ports. Select 16 lines and one sub control in the computer software, and each port can output 800 points at most. Ports 1-8 are output by DAT and ports 9-16 are output by CLK. This function works online, offline and artnet.

3. When powered on, the first line of LCD displays the controller model, and the second line displays the version number. Press and hold the “menu” key before power on, and the controller will automatically upgrade the firmware.

4. Press menu key to switch menu, press’ – ‘or’ + ‘key to set, long press’ -‘ or ‘+’ key to accelerate parameter setting, press OK key to save parameters or enter submenu.

5.Set the password. In the light modeling window of LED programming software, click the menu “setting” –“controller password” to pop up the encryption dialog box. Select the
controller encryption. The encryption method is to limit the number of power on. After the first encryption, the second encryption can be performed without decryption to prolong the use times.