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Female Power DC Jack to 10mm 2Pin Clips for 5050 Single Color Strip

Product name: DC Female Connector Cable For 5050 Single LED Strip.
Working Voltage: 12V-24V.
Operating Current: 0-4A.
Working Temperature: 40 Degree Centigrade ~ + 85 Degree Centigrade.
Style: Clamshell Style.
Material: Flame Retardant Nylon and Copper.
Connection: Plug Type.
Width:8mm/0.31 Inches.
Number of Pins:2Pin.
Length: 16.5cm/6.5Inches.
External Diameter of the Plug: 5.5mm/0.22Inches.
Internal Diameter of the Plug: 2.1mm/0.08 Inches.
Package Included:10CS.
This connector is only used in 10MM bare board (5050) soft strip.
Quick connection lamp bar, cutting lamp bar can be directly connected to the power supply.
Easy to use, easy to install and easy to understand, connect any 12-24v low-voltage power supply.
Any length of the strip can be cut to facilitate connection, connection fast and safe.
Improve the traditional welding technology, reduce the cost of traditional labor.
It can realize the diversification and multi-angle extension connection when installing the light bar, and solve the limitation of the position of installing the light bar.
Quick and convenient maintenance, can be free to quickly replace the necrotic lamp.
When connecting, please pay attention to the positive and negative electrode of the light strip and the solderless buckle.