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DMX512 to DALI / DALI to DMX512 Signal Convertor

DALI (Digital Addressable Lighting Interface) is an international standard, popular lighting control protocol BUS, which adopt to Manchester codes of digital transmission, with a whole and grouping dimming, addressing dimming, inquire lamps and lanterns sates, and other powerful dimming function. Compared with the 0-10V analogue dimming, it’s more precise dimming, addressable, stable, focus control, easy to installation and so on. DMX512 is first by USITT (American theater technology association) develop and become from the console with standard digital interface control dimmers way. It has simple, reliable, flexible features. The product can achieve conversion between standard IEC62386 DALI dimming signal and widely used DMX-512 standard signal, realize DMX module control by DALI master, and also can realize DALI device control by DMX master, realize 2 kinds protocol seamless transition.


① Support DMX512 to DALI / DALI to DMX512 signal conversion;
② Support DIP switch selecting DMX initial address;
③ Support DIP switch selecting number of DALI channel;
④ Supports maximum 64 DALI signal outputs;
⑤ Support group control and scene control of DALI device, the function is effective under mode of DALI to DMX signal.

Technical parameters

1 Working temperature: -20-60℃
2 Supply voltage: DC12V-48V
3 Input signal: DALI/DMX512
4 Output signal: DMX512/DALI
5 Statical power consumption: <1W
6 Connection mode: 4pin green connection pillar for DALI signal, RJ45 interface for DMX signal.
7 External dimension: L150mm*W78mm*H26mm
8 Packing dimension:L180*W108*H55mm
9 Net weight:209 g
10 Gross weight:277 g