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DC5V-24V WS2811 WS2812 Strip Max 200M Long Distance TTL Signal Amplifier

TTL photoelectric receiver system characteristics
1. Good isolation performance, the input end and output end are completely electrically isolated.
2. The signal is transmitted in one direction, and the output signal has no feedback to the input end, which can effectively prevent the interference of the lamp circuit and lamp power ripple on the controller port, but does not cut off the signal transmission between them
3. The optical signal is not subject to electromagnetic interference, and the work is stable and reliable.
4. Strong anti-common-mode interference ability and can suppress interference well.
5. The optocoupler has fast response speed and high transmission efficiency.

Hardware parameters:
Power supply voltage: DC5-24V
Transmission distance: The distance between the controller and the TTL photoelectric isolation receiving board can reach 200 meters
Signal input terminal: IGND (ground wire input terminal) IDAT (data signal input terminal) ICLK (clock signal input terminal)
Signal output terminal: GND (ground wire output terminal) DAT (data signal output terminal) CLK (clock signal output terminal)
Dimensions: L125mm*W56mm*H35mm

Size & Package

PCB size: 62*30*20mm
Shell size: 77*37*28mm
Package: 1 pcs

Option “only PCB” is only PCS, no wire, no shell,
Option “with wire” is PCS with soldered wire, no shell
Option “with shell” is whole product with soldered wire and shell.