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DC5V-24V Mini 10Key RF Touch RGB Controller with 4pin Wire Output

Working Voltage: 5-24V
Power: 144W-12V, 288W-24V
Current: 2A*3 CH
Power Plug: RED & Black Wire
Feature: 19 dynamic models, 20 Static colors, 10 class brightness variation, Working with Remote
1The input voltage of this controller should be follow the specifications, other high voltage would most probably destroy it
2 The 4wires coming out of the controller can’t be incorrectly interconnected or short circuit could occur
3 Connect the wires of the controller and LED fittings as per the instruction
4 Don’t peel off the label on the controller in case any indication information will be missed
5 The standard warranty is one yeas Our company won’t be responsible for any damage of the Controller due to any wrong operation.