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DC5V-24V Mini 10Key RF Touch Remote RGB Controller with DC Plug

  • Convenient LED controller, Speed and brightness adjustable
  • Comes with 10 key Remote Control, very easy to operate
  • Long control distance:about 15 meters at open area
  • Ultra Slim Design. 20 Static colors
  • Used for RGB LED strip such as 5050, 3528, etc

Mini Controller:
This mini controller is tiny in its size(easy to be concealed) but great in its function. Through connecting with this controller, it will be able to control the LED RGB strip lights, the accompanied RF controller will be able to achieve different modes and colors.

RF Remote:
The RF wireless remote signal can pass through barrier, it gets a longer control distance(about 15 meters at open area) so it is not necessary to aim at the main unit when operating.

–Input voltage: 5V-24V/DC
–Working current : 12A
–Output : 3 channels, common anode connection
–Overall dimension: 1.6(L)×0.5(W)×0.2(H) inch
–Female connector on the other side for connecting with power supply

Function buttons on RF remote:
–ON / Standby: to turn ON or switch to standby mode.
–MODE+ / MODE-:dynamic mode adjustment. Switch to dynamic mode from static color mode, or change between dynamic modes.
–SPEED+ / SPEED- : Adjust speed in dynamic mode for 5 levels.
–COLOR+ / COLOR- :static color adjustment. Swith to static color from dynamic mode,or between static colors, 20 static colors.
–BRIGHT+ / BRIGHT- : adjust static color brightness. Strip will switch to static color if press it at dynamic mode.
–DEMO : switch to Demo mode. At Demo mode, strip will cycle 9 dynamic modes and 3 times for each mode.

RF remote is driven by 3V CR2025 button battery. Please try to replace with the same type battery.

Package including:
1×mini RGB controller
1×RF wireless remote.