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DC5V-24V High Power 30A RGB Amplifier

High speed large current power amplifier, suit for PWM control led controller, it can amplify the power of LED controller, each time add one amplifier, the connecting number of led will be more than twice to three times, and can cascade, in theory, numerous amplifiers can be connected. It is convenience for different voltage, high power and small power LED lamps and lanterns unified control. Whether our company’s products or any other company’s products, as long as it is PWM control, voltage appropriate, all can use this series power amplifier. Using high speed light lotus root design, can achieve very low delay time, to ensure that when many sets of cascade, it can keep pace with host.

Input Power:DC5-24V
Signal output:DC5-DC24V PWM
Output Current:3*10A
Control mode:Common anode
Driving leds:
12V RGB 7 colors LED modules: 550 groups
12V 30led/m RGB LED Strip: 50 meters
12V 60led/m RGB LED Strip: 25 meters
RGB 7 colors exposed light: 550pcs
Net Weight:260g
Maximum Load Power:5V/150W,12V/360W,24V/720W