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DC5V-24V 2812 2811 Pixel Music Controller with Remote Colorfulx1

  • DC5-24V . WS2811/WS2812B/USC1903/SK6812RGB(not RGBW) LED pixel strip,module,bulb,can control max 1000ICs .
  • 3.5MM Audio Input Port/Built-in Mic. There are will be up to 27 types music-controlling mode and 14 type NO-MUSIC control mode,free to switch.Make sure your led strip has the required IC.
  • Different music program has different lighting effect .For example 2001/2002/2003 music program .It’s jump Height is according to Music Rhythm ,Audio Volume and the Audio Sensitive Knob on the receiver.If you want to have a better effect you should read the user manual.
  • Every music program is adjusted. Not every music program’s jump height is according to the music Rhythm .the user manual will show you every music program description and remark.
  • It’s multi-function wireless touch remote control,Used conveniently at night with LED backlight.The remote control distance can up to 20 meters


. input power: : DC 5V~ 24V

. output: data signal

.support IC type:WS2811/WS2812B/WS2813/USC1903

. Drive pixel quantity:600 pixels(Colorful x1), 1000 pixels(Colorful x2)

. voice control: 70 db

. remote control battery: 1.5V AAA *2 ( Products do not contain batteries)

. remote standby power consumption: 0.08 mW

. products working temperature: – 20 ~ 60 degree centigrade

. Music mode:01-03,10-15,22-27 mode Suitable for the rhythm strong music type;04-09,16-21 mode Suitable for soothing music class.



1. The radio-frequency capacitive touch controller, effective control of distance of 20 m

2. Using LED buttons backlight, easy to use at night

3. The audio port, the 3.5 MM audio access, undisturbed when using music mode, make the lights change rhythm is better

4. The advanced PWM pulse width modulation technology, change effect is exquisite, the fixed link end connection

5. A variety of classic mode, follow the selected

6.27 music change modes let whole atmosphere more rhythm.

7. All remote control to wear a special fixed seat, easy to install



Interior decoration:

Clubs, bars, corridor, room, KTV, clubs, museums, etc.

Outdoor decoration:

Plazas, commercial buildings, entertainment clubs, scenic spot light, evening on location, etc.