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DC5V-24V 2 Output Pixel Bluetooth Controller with RF Touch Remote SP601E


1. Supports both APP control and RF remote control.
2. Dual output of two different signals, suitable for a variety of applications and meet the different needs of customers.
3. Supports common single-wire LED driver ICs in the market .
4. Build in Music and Non-Music effects, multi-parameters adjustable.
5. DC5~24V wide voltage input, with power supply anti-reverse connection function.
6. With the function of automatically saving setting parameters.

Product: SP601E controller.
Color: white.
Input voltage: DC5-24V.
Lighting solutions service: Lighting and circuitry design.
Type: Remote Control.
Controllable pixels: 1200pixels(600pixesl/port).
Output port : 2 PCS.
Max. Load Power: <1.5W.
Application: Digital LED Light.
Connection Mode: Smart APP or remote control.
Output signal: SPI (TTL) Digital Signal.
Support: IOS 10.0/ Android 4.4.
Features: RF Remote Wireless.
Working temperature: -20℃~60℃.