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DC5V-24V RF 14Key Touch Remote Pixel Controller for 2812 2811 Strip

  • WS2811 and WS2812B LED strip DC5-24V controller. Please note : When you press Green,the LED is red . This is not the quality problem , please read the user manual and set it right .
  • 300+ kinds of lighting effect. (Shipping can not include batteries, so there is no battery) DC3V CR2025 button battery.
  • Suit for all WS2812B products,ex WS2812B panel, WS2811 string, 1903 IC ,6803IC . Support all the 3 PIN Single signal IC chip LED product.The remote can match only one receiver. One remote also can control many receivers .
  • Can not control SK6812 RGBW led strip .Because it is 4 channels.
  • Mini Convenience Easy to operate. Can adjust the pixels number ,adjust the speed ,adjust the brightness,Mark the effect you like.

1. voltage: DC5V-24V
2 .Current: <30mA
3. Temperature: -20 ℃~ 60℃
4. Size: L36 * W12 * H3mm
5 .Weight: 20g
6. Effect: 300 kinds of variations, covering the effects of the market for all Symphony controller mode, you can program any combination of 16 and automatically play;
7. Maximum number of control pixels: Total 2048pixels recommand 1024 pixel (1024 IC)
8. Remote control distance: 10 meters (14-key multi-function RF remote control)
9.NO battery (Recommand CR2025 CR2023 3V button battery