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DC5V 12V 24V Voice Control Alexa & Google Home Wifi RGB Controller with DC Plug

  • Voice Control From Alexa & Google Home. This wifi LED controller is compatible with Amazon Alexa and you can add the skill to your Amazon Echo, Dot or Tap and control your LED lights with your voice. USING MAGIC HOME APP AND ALSO SUPPORT GOOGLE HOME.
  • Wifi LED Controller. Now control your LED light strips using your iPhone or Samsung smartphone from anywhere. This little device helps connecting your RGB LED light strips to wifi network. You just need to download a free app from your mobile phone and then start enjoying free control without looking around for IR remote.
  • Light Dancing With Music. When play music on your phone, the wifi controller makes the lights beat with music. Great for building atmosphere of party or dating. What’s more, the app allows you to select any color, intensity, or pattern, as well as program the lights to turn on and off at certain times of the day!
  • Sync Control By Group. Support to control multi LED strips at the same time. Name each LED strip on your phone app and sort each into different group. You can control certain group or individual light strip with the Magic home app on your phone.
  • Easy Installation With One Year Warranty. Come with a wifi controller, 4 pin connector, and User manual. You just need to have the wifi controller connected to the power adapter of the light strip and your home wifi router via scan the code to download app on your smartphone. It’s a great addition to any LED light strip.

Two connection modes:
1. Single mode:
One WIFI controller can be controlled by different phones, and one phone can only control one wifi controller.

How to use it:
Step 1, connect this wifi controller to the LED light strip via the 4 pin connector, and also connect to power via the DC port with the power adapter of the light strip.
Step 2, Scan the code on the wifi controller via your phone to download the Magic home app.
Step 3, Go to your phone wifi setting, find the “LEDNet….”, connect it. If cannot find it, Reset WIFI controller by plug and unplug connector repeatedly for 4 times.
Step 4, Go to the Magic Home app on your phone, click “Direct connect the device control”, then you can control your led light strip via your phone. Please note this doesn’t using wifi, so keep the phone is near the controller to receive signal.
2. Network Mode:
First make sure you are using 2.4Ghz Network, not support 5Gz router
From the step 4 of the single mode, click “Setting” in the Magic Home app, then input the password of your home wifi router. Finally, have your phone connect to the same wifi router.
Now you can control the light strip from the magic home app via your smartphone.
Under this model, you phone can control multi wifi controller at the same time. You can name them and group them to control individual or in group. However, please note at this model, the wifi controller can only be connected to one phone.