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DC5V 12V 24V Mini Bluetooth RGB Controller with DC Plut


● Operating temperature: -20-60°C
● Power supply voltage: 4.5V-24V (wide voltage)
● Output: 3 Channels (RGB)
● Product size: about L43*W22*H11mm
● Total Length:about 120mm to 500MM depends on different type
● Static power consumption: <1W
● Maximum load current < 6A(2A*3Channel)
● Output: 4Pin Connector
● Output power: 5V <30W, 12V <72W, 24V <144W


(1)This Mini Bluetooth Controller (DC) is a wireless smart LED controller using the latest Bluetooth 4.0 technology.
Bluetooth mobile phone APP controller is widely used in hotels, bars, KTC, families, etc.

(2)This product is suitable for Android system above 4.3 (including 4.3), Apple (IOS) 4S system above 6.0, etc.

(3)This smart device directly controls the on and off of the light, adjusts the color and brightness of the light and also adjusts various beautiful light effects, such as 1, colorful gradient change, various monochrome, bi-color gradient change, all kinds of monochrome, two-color, colorful strobe, colorful flash and so on.

Animation Effect:
*Colorful gradient
*All kinds of monochrome,double color,colorful flashing
*Colorful jump
*Follow the thythm of the music changes