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DC12V-24V 5Channel 20A Wifi Timer Controller TC421

  • Here is an upper computer in the programmable time controller to make the load output change over time.
  • The upper PC in addition to the function of editing schedule mode, it also can be setup time for the controller because of synchronous clock function of upper host.
  • This controller can control load of led changing effect no more than five channels.
  • It can be used in the occasion of the plant lights, light box advertising, the stage, home decoration, etc.
  • Integrity management, genuine protection.

Color:TC421WiFi Edition


Item type: Controller

material: metal

Working temperature: -20-60 ℃

Supply voltage: DC12-24V

Static power consumption: < 0.5W

Output: 5 loops

Maximum output current: 20A

Wifi has two modes AP mode: the phone is directly connected to the controller for control, the time controller’s wifi name is (SmartTime xxxx); long press the Menu button, the Wifi mode can be set to AP mode, the display shows “Set :softAP…”, will enter after the setting is completed

Normal display mode STA mode: The mobile phone is connected to the router, and then the time controller is controlled by the router. It needs to be set and added to the network through the mobile APP. When the computer is turned on, the time controller initializes the wifi, and the display shows “Init: Wifi.. “, after initialization is completed, it will enter normal, display mode, wifi mode is the state when it was last set (AP or STA mode)

Package Include:

1 x product, 1 x Manual, 1 x box packaging


The colors deviation might differ due to different monitor settings.