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DC12V-24V 5Ax24Channel DIN DMX512 Decoder

Welcome to use the DIN Rail high Power DMX512 constant voltage decoder is specially developed for constant voltage LED lamps. It adopts advanced microcomputer control technology to convert universal DMX512/1990 digital signal to PWM signal. 24 output channels, can be used to control constant voltage single color, color temperature, RGB type lamps. DIN Rail/screw dual-use installation method for easy installation.

Feature function:
1. Automatically adapts input voltage DC12V-24V.
2. Input standard DMX512 signal; 3-digital-display shows DMX address code.
3. 6 color changing modes and 10 speed scales.
4. DMX decoding supports 8-bit,16-bit.
5. Indicator of the DMX512 signal receiving status.
6. Wrong wiring protection at DMX  port.Power loss memory function.
7. The DIN rail style facilitates the installation of large-scale projects.

Product parameter


 Input voltage DC12V-DC24V
 Max load current 5A×24CH
 Max Output Power 1440W (12V) / 2880W(24V)
 Input Signal DMX512/8 bit/16 bit selectable
 Output Signal Constant Voltage PWM
 Decode Channel 24CH
 DMX512 socket RJ45、Terminal Block
 Dimension L218×W90×H58.5(mm)
 Weight (G.W) 305g