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DC12V-24V 360W RGB Amplifier

  • Small RGB amplifier applies to all the voltage-controlled LED controller ,it can receiv PWM(Pulse Width Modulation), each time add one RGB amplifier, the connecting number of led will be than twice, in theory, numerous RGB amplifiers can be connected
  • Each time add one RGB amplifier, the connecting number of LEDs will be more than twice
  • To make us of this product you will need an AC-DC Adapter or Car Battery. Works with voltages 10V-14V. Offers two voltage inputes, A. by round adapter plug or B. By bare wire to 2 terminals V+/-
  • Use control 5050 RGB Led strips 50 Meters with 30Leds/Meter, or 5050 RGB Led Strips 25 Meterswith 60Leds/Meter, or 3285 RGB Led Strips 75 Meters with 60Leds/Meter

This RGB amplifier is suitable for all kinds of constant voltage led RGB can enlarge the led controller signal through the RGB to receive the PWM(pulse width modulation),and output the signal to the load,then it can make the same effect with the controller.when add each additional amplifier,can connect and controlled twice more LED lights.theoretically,one controller can connector with thousands of this RGB amplifier,and can make the same effect.

Technical Parameters:
Working temperature:-20-60 degrees
Input voltage:DC12~24V
Output:3 circuit
Connection mode:Common anode
product’s size:L129XW64WH23MM
package size:L135×W75×H30mm
Net weight:124g
Gross weight:144g
Static power consumption:<1W
Receive RGB signal from LED controller and send the signal to another group of LED source

Package Content:
1 X RGB signal Amplifier