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DC12V-24V 300W 433MHz RF LED Sync Dimmer

Code Matching set:

step 1. connecting with the driver, press the middle button before the power on.

step 2. powering on, can be next step when the brightness of the output load is 50%.

step 3. alternately press the “power on” button and “middle” button quickly

until output load to 5%, then press the “power on” button within 5 seconds .

the code matching succeed.



rf wireless touch panel led dimmer 25a 12v

Working temperature-20 to 60 degree
Working voltageDC12V~24V
Rated current25A*1 channel
Remote SizeL113*W55 (mm)
Controller sizeL127*W41*H32 (mm)
Net weight250g
Gross weight340g
Output gray256 levels
Output current<25A(1 channel)
Rated Power12V<300W 24V<600W


3 modes in total

  • mode 1: static 100% light (brightness is adjustable, speed is not adjustable)
  • mode 2: Flash (speed is adjustable, brightness is not adjustable)
  • mode 3: Fade (speed is adjustable, brightness is not adjustable)

Lamp does not light after power


Possible cause 1

Power cord is not properly connected, or there is not output switching power supply

Solution 1

Connect the power cord properly or replay the power


Possible cause 2

Lamp power cord is not connected or short circuit

Solution 2

Connected lighting power cord