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DC12V-24V 24Key RF Touch Remote RGBW Music Controller

  • This is constant voltage regulator, power supply DC12-24V, In this range power supply can be universal.Adopts PWM digital technology, 5 dimmer degree, no-flicker.
  • Signal Frequency: 400Hz; Max. Output: 16A, 4A * 4 channels, RF 24-way wireless RF remote control. There are 17 kinds of RGB modes, including 10 static colors, 4 dynamic changes; 3 Audio mode: ♫ DJ (Fast Track), ♫ Dynamic (universal rhythm changes), ♫ Tenderness (slow change); The brightness of the static color and the speed of the dynamic changes are adjustable. The sensitivity can be set in the audio mode.
  • In the audio mode, the sensitivity can be adjusted via the black knob; The higher the sensitivity setting is to turn clockwise to achieve audio control via two methods: a microphone and an audio line.
  • Design for: LED constant voltage products, LED RGB strip lights, single-color light strip, RGBW and horse-racing.


RGBW Audio Controller adopts advanced PWM (Pulse Width Modulation) digital technology with 4 output channels constant voltage led RGBW music controller.The power is the DC low voltage input mode. The range is DC12V-24V.Adopts RF 24 key remote ,RGB and W each has independently control area,without interference. As the generation product, it achieve the perfect music control effect and user experience, basic on the audio analysis technology and more user-friendly remote control design.


1.This is constant voltage controller , supply voltage DC12-24V,In this range power supply can be universal.
2.Adopts PWM digital technology,5 dimmer degree ,no-flicker
3.RF 24-key wireless RF remote

Supply voltage:DC12V~24V
0utput:4 channels
Output gray:256 levels (with continuous reception)
Connecting mode:common anode
External dimension:108mm*63mm*28mm
Output current:<4A(each channel)
Output power:12V:192W; 24V: 384W
RF frequency:433.9MHz
Signal frequency:400Hz
Max.output: 16A ,4A*4channels;
Net weight:120g
Gross weight:180g
Packing size:109mm*109mm*53mm