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DC12V-24V 24A High Speed RGB Amplifier

  • Amplifier the red, green, blue three group signal of 3 channel controller. improve the system with load capacity.
  • Supply voltage: DC12V/24V. Output:3 channel. Max Load Current: 8A for each channel. Total Output of Current: 24A.
  • Output power:max 288W(12V), max 576W(24V)
  • The input voltage is DC 12-24V, and can’t connect to other voltage
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Amplify the red, green, blue three group signal of 3 channel controller, improve the system with load capacity, and has minimal delay, but can keep synchronism in cascade.
The outlet should be connected correctly according to the color shown in the wiring diagram.
Can’t be wrong attached, in order to avoid short-circuit.
Working temperature:-20-60℃
Input voltage:DC12-24V
Signal voltage: DC 12V-24V
Input signal: RGB common anode PWM dimming signal
Dimension: L145*W76.8*H20.6mm
Output:3 channel
Connection mode: Common anode
Output current: max 8A (each channel) Output power: max 288W(12V), max 576W(24V)
Delay time: 20NS

Package included:
1pc * RGB high speed power Amplifier