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DC12V-24V 24A 3 Channel Wireless LED Dimmer with RF Touch Remote

Working temperature: -20-60℃   Supply voltage: DC12-24V

External dimension: L83*W79*H33 mm

Packing size:L105*W65*H43 mm

Carion size: L500*W275*H310mm

Net weight: 297g          Gross weight: 382g

Output: common anode 3 channels

Output current: ≤8A(each channel)

Static power consumption: <1W   output frequency:300Hz

Output power: 12V<288W, 24V<576W, it has Output short circuit protection

Features of functions: Large current, low power consumption, it has slide ring and buttons which increases the touch sensitivity and decrease the false triggering. It contains the functions such as  farther distance of controlling, high touch sensitivity, strong drive capability and stability.