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AC110V/AC220V 4 Zone Single Color Dimming Touch Panel DMX512 Master T11-1

● Touch panel 4 zone 1-5 color DMX512 master, can also be used as 4 zone 1-5 color RF remote.

● DMX signal output, comply to standard DMX512 protocol, compatible with DMX decoder from any supplier.

● When used as RF remote, each zone can remote control multiple RF 2.4G LED controllers.

● Ultra sensitive high strength glass touch panel with touch color slide in the middle.

● Smooth and accurate color adjustment by touching the color slide.

● Touch keys with LED indicator.

● White & Black glass panel available.

4 Zones Single Color Touch Panel DMX Master (100-240VAC Input) T11-1
Input voltage: 85-265VAC
Output signal: DMX512 + RF 2.4G
Light type: single color
Wireless distance: 30m
Size: Stardard EU