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AC110V/220V High Voltage 2Ax3Channel RGB DMX Controller with LCD Display

With LCD display, high-voltage DMX controller is a LCD LCD digital interface display, used to control four wire three circuit (common anode) led lamps and lanterns

RGB color change, up to 34 change mode selection, and can accept DMX512 international standard protocol control multi-function controller.
The controller can operate on a single machine, automatically on-line, and receive the control signal of standard DMX512 console. It can be realized according to the actual needs of customers
Jump, gradient, stroboscopic and other lighting effects.

Operating temperature: – 20-60 ℃
Power supply voltage: AC 100 ~ 240V 50 / 60Hz
Output voltage: DC 100 ~ 240V
Output connection mode: Gongyang 4-wire 3-circuit
External dimension: l203 Χ w134 Χ H50 mm
Package size: L250 * w230 * H65 mm
Net weight: 678.5g
Gross weight: 1.10kg
Static power consumption: < 3.96w
Maximum output current: 3 * 2A
Dimming frequency: 800Hz
Maximum output power: 660w (input voltage: 110V), 1320w (input voltage: 220V)