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AC110V/220V/240V 3 Channel DMX512 Triac Dimmer DMX302

DMX  triac dimmer adopts industrial grade advanced computer control chip,  the shell  adopt guide rail type, suitable for industrial  environment; Increase 3 channels  relay power supply output, adopts  high-voltage MOS transistor as the control  circuit to achieve  trailing edge dimming. It is used for controlling a variety  of  lamps which connects with triac power supply, and also can be  connected with  high-voltage LED load light; it has many advantages  such as convenient to  connect, easy to use and others. According to  customer’s actual demand can  realize the dimming function.

Working temperature: -20-60 degree
Power Supply voltage: AC90-240V (50HZ/60HZ)
Controller dimension: L87xW72xH53.7mm
Packing size: L100xW80xH65mm
Net weight: 330g
Gross weight: 350g
Output:3 channels
Output signal:1 chanel phase control output
Static power consumption: <1 W
Output power:110V,<3*110w,220V,3*220V
Diming method:  trailing edge  dimming