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8mm 2Pin Clips for IP65 Glue Waterproof 2835/3528 LED Strips

NOTE: This set of connectors is for Outdoor Silicone Covered LED strips (8mm Wide PCB)
Our 8mm single color (3528) LED light strip connectors are a simple, frustration-free solution for all of our LED light strip connection and extension needs. These solderless connectors install with a simple clasp attachment, meaning that you can achieve a safe and secure connection without any tools. These connectors come in a variety of lengths and styles to meet your needs.

Product Features:
Connect your strip light to another strip light, dimmer, or power supply
Simple, tool-free installation

Installation Instructions:
Ensure your section of LED light strip has two contacts (+ and -) and the contacts are both clean
Open the white clasp of the connector
Insert the LED light strip into the clasp, under the prongs – making sure to match the + and – on the strip to the + and – on the clasp
Close the clasp
Gently pull on the LED light strip to confirm you’ve made a solid connection
Your connection is made!

Our connectors and extensions are fully bendable and are perfect for extending a run of LED light strip across a gap, around an obstacle, or for making a bend.

Technical Specifications:
Connector Size : 14*15*8 mm
Metal material: Copper/Surface Treatment: Tin
Plastic material: NyLon66 UL94V-0
Applicability: PCB Board Thickness: 0.2-0.4mm / Width: 8mm
Applicable Specifications: 120/60/30leds per meter SMD3528 waterproof strip
Working Voltage: DC12-24V
Working Current: 4A
Working Ambient Temperature:-20℃~ +40℃