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5Wire 24V DMX512 3535RGB Digital LED Strips

High Quality Digital Pixel DMX512 RGB Pixel Light SMD3535 24V Led Strip Light

For DMX512 led strip:
1.No matter what or how many ic broken,the led strip will work normally.
DMX IC we use the 5 cable dmx512 double signal,256 gray scale high brightness fast data transfer fast screen refresh etc. Using international standards DMX512 protocol products with one and multi point damage does not affect other parts of the strips and continue work etc.
2.24V RGB DMX512 LED strip Connection:
DC+: connect to power supply DC+
DMX+ (A): connect to controller DMX+ (A)
DMX-  (B): connect to controller DMX- (B)
PI:Write the address,one address cable
GND: connect to power supply GND & controller GND
3.Small size type SMD3535,60leds/M,DC24V is one IC with 6pcs leds,it can work with controller to change many effect,also with Madrix to programme.
Led QTY:60leds/M
Led Type:SMD3535RGB
LED Classification:Pixel RGB SMD
IC QTY:10pcs/M
IC Type:UCS512C3
PCB Width:12mm
PCB Color:White
Flexible PCB:YES
Standard Reel Length:5m/reel
Custom Lengths Available:YES
Installation:3M Glue tape on the backside