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5Wire 12mm 60LED/m 24V DMX512 RGBWW Addressable LED Strips


1) The flexibility of the best FPC as substrate, FPC has good conductivity, heat dissipation, bending, can be arbitrarily bent into any shape.
2) Using high display and high light effect SMD5050-RGBW lamp, Can achieve RGB off when white light is on, ensuring high consistency when bright white light, using external driver chip DMX512, to achieve addressable, programmable digital light bar
3) Compatible with and extended with DMX512 (1990) signal protocol. The control method is differential parallel, built-in 485 decoding module, strong anti-interference ability
4) Support the operation mode of installing the post write code first, and can realize any animation effect of the product through the controller programming
5) Using low-voltage DC24V power supply, users are more secure when used.
6) It can be made into a variety of waterproof grade, IP65, IP67, IP68 and IP67.


DC24V 60led/m RGBW dmx led strip

 FPC Width

12mm, better heat dissipation and longer life span

 LED Type

5050 RGBWW

 LED Quantity

         60LED/m, one IC control 6 LEDs

 Power Consumption


 Grey scale


 Working Voltage

  DC 24V

 Beam Angle

120 degree

 FPC Color

Black / White

 Available Color

Full color

 IP Grade

 Operating Temperature-20~+45 degree