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5V SK6812 WS2812B 8×32 Pixel Flexible Digital Display

  • 8X32 256Pixels. 32 horizontal pixels and 8 vertical pixels . Width :8cm (3.15in) Length:32cm(12.59in).Highly smart. Each LED is individually addressable.High quality ,pure gold wires . You can set each LED as you wish to scroll messages or draw little images.,firwork lighting effect ,KTV lighting effect , another chasing lighting effect etc .Pure gold wires better quality,longer life,ultra bright.
  • Wide compatibility. It works great with SP107E, K1000C,T1000S,Controller for DIY projects etc.With different controllers, it has different effects, spectrum music mode, rolling subtitle, picture display, video display, fireworks effect and chase effect
  • Chainable and bendable design. You can extend the panel by hooking them up one by one with the 3pin JST connectors. Flexible FPCB can be gently bent and curved around surfaces. Can be spliced into a large pixel screen
  • Save your money. It is sturdy, beautiful and very comparable to other similar products. Making led screenDIY , advertising board, apply to hotel, KTV, bars, indoor advertising signs, Festivel Christmas or wedding party decoration,It has adhesive glue on the back, so you can stick it to the wall or other items conveniently as you like.
  • Wide application: It can be used to make LED screen, LED wall, advertising board and widely applied to hotel, KTV, bars, indoor advertising signs, Christmas or wedding party decoration, etc.
  • IC type :SK6812/ WS2812B IC Built-in
  • Color order : G R B(NOT RGB)
  • Gray level: 256
  • View angle: 120°
  • Input voltage:DC5V Do not use DC12V or DC24V
  • FPCB: Flexible
  • Color: full color 24-bit
  • FPCB board color: Black
  • Power:0.1W~0.3W/LED Total 25W~75W (The value will change depending on the effect.)
  • Recommended power supply:DC5V10A(50w) or DC5V20A (100W)
  • Pixel Qty: 32pixels x 8 pixels Total 256 Pixels
  • Operating Temperature: -20 ~ +50°C
  • Length xWidthx Height:32cmx8cmx0.2cm
  • Waterproof level: IP30 non-waterproof
  • When you light up 1 color(red or green or blue) , 0.1W/LED . If you light up 2 colors (red+green) ,0.2W/LED , when you light up 3 colors (red+green+blue=white light), 0.3W/LED
  • Note: All white light, power is 75W, wires generate a lot of heat, Do not recommended to light all white light, it will reduce the LED life and it will be very harsh


  • Individually Addressable

Using a programmable controller and you can program every led just you like. Every one led has its own IC IC controll one led.The chip buil in led.

  • Ultra Bright

Brightness can be adjusted freely.Do not stare at it for a long time, otherwise you will be dazzled when the led Brightness is the brightest.

  • Colorful

Red ,Green, Blue .Dream full color. curtain-up/ flow water/raindrop/jump flash and so on hundreds of lighting effect, you can also edit animation effect by Coreldraw/Flash/LedEdit software

  • Long life

Life span:more than 50000hrs

  • Spliceable

You can connect many LED matrix as one big LED matrix with more pixels