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5 Pin RGBW LED Strip Lights Extension Cable Connector

  • Material: Our Cable is made of great tin plated copper, and cover with PVC material.
  • Wire Length: 15.5mm
  • LED rgbw Light Strip Female Connector Cable,Easy use for LED SMD3528 5050 RGBw Flexible Strip 。
  • 10 pcs 5 pin Female Connector with 10 pcs 5Pin male Plug,For a variety of conventional outdoor led strip Cut the strip on the cut line, splice the ribbon electrically with this jumper and bend the wires 90 degrees (or whatever angle you require,)

1. Connector Type : 5pin Female Connector with.
2. 5pin connecting cable for RGBw LED stripApplicable to all kinds of conventional outdoor led bars ,For use with RGBw multi-color light strips strip-to-strip and strip-to-controller installation. Compatible with both non-waterproof and waterproof light strips.
3. Easy to use, just the cable and RGBw strip welding can be connected.
4. Directly insert and match most of the RGBw IR controllors.