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3 Conductor Compact Connectors Lever Wire Nut Wire Connectors for 2 and 3 Circuit Inline Splices 28-12 AWG

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How to use our products:
First Step
Strip the wire according to the specified length.
Second Step
Dismantle the orange operation handle straight and plug the wire into the hole.
Third Sted
lower the handle.

Problems in our lives:
Because the electrical tape, the wiring cap and other connections are prone to aging,
falling off, poor insulation performance, etc., the safety hazard is formed, which may
cause personal injury such as electric shock or a short circuit of the wire to cause a
fire. In addition, as the use of home appliances increases, the power load increases, such
as poor contact at the wire connection (excessive resistance at the connection), and large
resistance and large current cause heat increase, which will be a huge safety hazard.