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2811 2812 Strip USB ArtNet Controller Artnet Wifi Controller 2.4G Wifi Artnet SPI & DMX Controller

Description:Based on the ARTNET protocol Ethernet driver, the controller can convert the network
data packets in the ARTNET protocol into standard SPI&DMX data. The controller can be connected to
ARTNET software through USB and WiFi, and the WiFi signal transmission distance is less than or
equal to 20M; there are three working modes, ARTNET mode is connected to the software;built-in effect
mode can play gradient, flowing water, jumping, total 31 lighting effect. It has built-in effects and
supports recording function; TSET mode can find the position of the connected lamps; this product is
light and compact, easy to carry, easy to use, and can be widely used in distributed lighting control, DIY
lighting and other occasions lighting control.

1. Input voltage:DC5V
2. Single port output,max support 680pixels
3. Three working mode:ARTNET USB/ARTNET WiFi/SD card built-in lighting effect and test mode
4. Two connect method:2.4G WiFi wireless connection,USB3.0 data transmission
5. Built-in 31 lighting effect, support recording effect
6. Need connect with external power supply, easy for carry
7. Support SPI&DMX output control
8. Support DMX512 code writing function(only for IC ucs512c0)
9. Support Mad-show,Madrix,Madmapper such Artnet software control

1. Stage performance;
2. The site of the product/press conference;
3. Concert lighting control;
4. Bar and KTV lighting control