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2 Pin 3528/2835 Strip Connectors 8mm Solderless Single Color Gapless Connector

  • Superior Quality: Made of PBT material, high temperature resistance and fireproof, ensure personal safety. Durable and flexible, Upgraded clasp keeps stable connection.
  • Operating conditions: The 2 pin solderless LED strip light connectors support maximum wattage of 72W , and 0-36v voltage input. Suitable for most families.
  • Easy to install: Solderless, no need other tools, save time. Open the clasp, insert the LED strip light, close the clasp, make sure the positive connection is correct, plug and play.
  • Note: The led connectors is suitable for 8mm 3528/2835 single color LED light strips. Relative connections with arrows. Need to strip the silicone on the contact area when used for waterproof LED strips.

The solderless connectors is suitable for 8mm 2 pin LED light strip.
Simple to use and easy to store.
Made of high quality PBT material, with heat resistance, flame retardant and safety without hidden dangers.

How to use:
1.Open the clips.
2.Remove the silicone surface of the waterproof LED strip on the contact surface. (non-waterproof LED strip is used directly)
3.Insert the 2 copper cores on the strip with the pins on the connector,
ensure that the positive and negative poles are correct .
4.Close the clips.