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2.4G 8Channel DMX Splitter 8 Outports DMX512 Signal Amplifier

Wireless DMX Splitter / Amplifier with Wireless Receiver Transmitter built-in. Each output is electrically and optically isolated from the input, and from every other output by optical couplers. It makes running DMX cable to lighting fixtures easier and more efficient. It features one DMX input, 8 DMX Outputs and 1 DMX thru . The right out of the box. There is no assembly required. Please refer to your units user manual for its individual DMX setup and traits.


Input voltage: DC 9v 1000MA min
DMX512-1990 compatible
3 pin XLR input and output
LED indicators show power and DMX output
1 input, 1 output directly, 8 independent outputs
Electrical isolation between input and output
Control up to 512 channels
Hook mounting design
Item color: Black
Material: Iron
Item size: 12.8 * 4.3 * 17.2cm


1000V isolation between input and output , and between any individual output , Each interface also has over-current protection , so all of these will maximize the protection of your console and lighting .


1. 7 groups ID code settable , User can use 7 groups individual wireless net without any interfere .
2. Communication distance : 300 M (visible distance)
Operating Manual
ID Code and LED color corresponding relationship :
1 , RED 2 , GREEN 3 , RED + GREEN 4 , BLUE 5 , RED + BLUE 6 , GREEN + BLUE 7 , RED + GREEN + BLUE
1 . Press the key to set ID , to the color ID desired , adding 1 each time you press the switch will advance the color ID code .
2 . Working condition :
LED constand lit up : No DMX or wireless signal . Green LED flash : receiving
3 . ID Code ” 1 – 7 ” group ID code , press ” KEY ” for setting , it only can work under same ID code of transmitter and receiver . ( Same LED Color )


1. Power on DMX512 wireless received board first and then following to power up the transmitted board.
2. Press the “Key” button to set the same ID value of the transmitted board and received board. Please use a different ID value if you need to use more than 1 group of wireless universals at the same time in the same place.
3. The red LED flashes when the transmitter transmits DMX data by no interfered frequency section, then the receiver changes communicated frequency section. Green LED flashes until received same ID value, the more DMX data, the faster the LED flashes.
4. Communication was established correctly.