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2×1.5mm 2Pin Red Black Wire Cable

100% brand new high quality 2 pin led strip extension connector wire cable
Conductor Material: tinned copper
Insulation Material: PVC
Package Includes: 100M/roll
Material: Tinned copper/PVC
Feature: Flexible and multi-purpose
Wire number:  2×1.5mm
Model number:pvc electronic wire
Reasons For Tin Plating Of Copper Wire:
1. The tin plating of copper wire is mainly to prevent the copper from being exposed to the air and being oxidized to form a film-patina (chemical formula CU2 (OH) 2CO3). The patina has poor conductivity and will increase resistance. Tinned copper wire can prevent redox reaction and produce patina; can increase heat dissipation; can improve conductivity and improve wire performance. .
2. In addition, tin plating of copper wires can also prevent the insulating rubber from sticking, making the core of the wire black and brittle, and improve its solderability. Tinned copper wire is mainly used for rubber insulated mine cables, flexible wires, flexible cables and marine cables as conductive cores, as well as outer shield braid and brush wires of cables.