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16.4FT/5M Silicone Neon LED 13x15mm DIY LED Neon Rope Light IP67 Waterproof

HOW to pass the LED strip light through the silicone channel tube?
1. Lay the tube flat and straight, No knots or twists;
2.Tie up the LED strip with the tiny rope at one end of the tube;(Use LED strip without adhesive backing tape, or peel off the backing tape if it has, and wipe the PCB with alcohol for pass through easier)
3.One person fix the tube end with strip and push on the strip slowly, one person pull the tiny rope at the other end of the tube to lead the strip through.

* It is a little difficult to pass through the strip because of the toughness and elasticity of Silicone material, patience is very important for this DIY project.
* Choose suitable width of LED strip to pass through the silicone tube for great effect of lighting, wider ones can not insert into the tube, narrower ones will shake inside which makes the lighting flicker not stable.
* Two people is suggested to work out this.
* Do not pull the rope too hard while snaking the LED strip to avoid it broken inside the tube.
* Cut the silicone tube for length you need if you do not need whole 5 meters for DIY projects, but make sure the rope was reachable from both sides, do not let the rope slip.


Total length: 5M/16.4Ft
Color: Milky white silicone with diffuser (integrated)
For Strip Width: ≤10mm
Beam Angle: 180 degree
Material: 100% Silicone
Waterproof: IP67
Light Source: SMD 2835/3014/2216/2016
Outside Dimensions: 13 X 15 mm