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12V WS2815 144LED Black Matrix Strips, IP67 Tube Waterproof

  • Dual-Signal. Signal break-point continuous transmission. If one pixel is damaged, the following LEDs still work well.
  • DC12V Individually addressable. DC5V WS2812 Upgrade, Comes with backup data. Maximum white brightness , no voltage drops.Ultra bright. 256 gray levels, 24 bits full-color display.
  • High-LED Quality, it made by copper bracket and 10 pure gold wires. Wide compatibility. It works with SP107E, K-1000C, Arduino, Adafruit NeoPixel Library, FastLED library and Raspberry Pi, etc .
  • Easy installation. IP67 has no double side tape on it’s back . IP30 and IP65 comes with self-adhesive back tape, so you can fix it on any dry and flat surface without any screws and clips. With 4-pin male connector and separated power/ground wires on both ends, which makes it easy to hook up each other and wire up for power.
  • LED color change strip lights are widely used for anywhere you want, you can decorate your TV, diningroom, bedroom, cars, birthday party and any more, which can enrich your life and make your life colorful.1-year warranty, if you have any issues, please contact us without hesitation.
  • Light source: 5050 RGB LED
  • LED Qty: 144pcs per meter
  • Wave length (NM): R,650nm ; G,520nm ; B,460nm
  • Color order : G R B (NOT RGB)
  • The gray level: 256
  • Color: full color (24-bit )
  • View angle: 120°
  • Voltage: DC 12V
  • Power: 43W/M
  • Waterproof:non-waterproof, IP65 glue waterproof, IP67 tube waterproof
  • FPCB board color: Black
  • Dimension: 1000x12x3.0mm
  • Life span: ≥50000hrs


  • ※LED strip is made by 50cm FPCB, so there is a solder point each 50cm on strip. But this minor flaw has no any bad effect on the strip’s performance. In fact, ALL the LED strips on the market are manufactured in half-meter lengths.
  • ※Using voltage DC5V ,higher than 12V will destroy it.