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12V 10086IC 30mm D30 3LED Individual Pixel Light with Milky Cover

Product name
D30 Led Pixel Light Source
IC chip
IC:10086/8206(competible with WS2811/UCS1903/SM16703)
LED Light Source
Epistar 5050 RGB LED Chip
Work Voltage
Power Consumption
LED Chip
Epistar Led Chip
IP Rank
Operating Temperature
-20~+60 ℃
Color Rendering Index
Emitting Color
Full Color
Suitable for
Led Screen, building decoration
Light source
High Light LED

    Product features:

★ Beautiful, high-end, generous, elegant;

★ The product USES 5050RGB full color lamp bead, luminescence Angle is large;

★ The wire and shell are made of cold-resistant, UV resistant and flame retardant materials, suitable for long-term outdoor use, and the protection grade is IP65;

Taiwan crystal LED chip, with high brightness, color consistency, color saturation, good stability and other characteristics

★ Special bayonet design, suitable for any plate, after drilling directly to install, installation is simple and quick, convenient and quick;

★ Sealing with PU adhesive with good mechanical strength and high protection grade.

★ High-end signage, with high protection requirements;

★ High-end outdoor high-end luminous word;Extremely high protection requirements;

★ High-end indoor and outdoor building decorative light source;

★ High-end outdoor Advanced lighting Project;

The main light source for the hotel logo signage.