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12mm 5Pin RGBW Strip To Wire Solderless Connector

  • rgbw connector suitable for 5 pin 12mm Non-Waterproof LED strip lights, One end for 5 core extension wire and another end for RGBW led strip. The led connector can not work with 10mm led strip, 3528/5050 rgb led strip, or non-standard 22 awg wire, 20 gauge wire.
  • 5 pin connector can connect directly to 5pin 12 mm PCB board. Compatible with both 12v and 24v 5050 rgbw led strip.
  • If you want to connect 5Pin WATERPROOF LED light strip, should peel off covered silicon on the surface around soldering line area.
  • The led connector suggest match standard 20awg extension cable. without stripping wire, no soldering, connect the 5 core extension wire to get lighting exactly where you want it.
  • Firmly bite through the led strip, don’t like traditional connector only conductive connection, it is a solid connection and much stronger. 

NOTE: 1.Make sure your section of LED strip lights are 12mm wide 5 PIN Non-Waterproof LED Strip.
2.Should peel off covered silicon on the surface around soldering line area, if you want to connect 5Pin WATERPROOF LED light strip

Solderless Wire Joint Quick Splice Connector for 20-18awg Cable
Our products were an innovative safe and quick wire connector, peeling free, tapping free and twisting free. well waterproof and dust proof function. it greatly changes the way of wire connection .it allow any users to just insert the wire into wire joint and press cover by pliers to connect the wire safely and conveniently.
Installation TIPS:
Strip End:
1. cut the rgbw led strip straight perfectly, then fully open the clip.
2. push the led strip in until it hits the backing, and pins on the connector make contact, and press hard down for several times with nose pliers to make sure the PINS puncture through led strips.
Wire End:
1. have to be separated the 5 wires(20 gauge wire) before you insert them into the rgbw connector.
2. required to press down hard for several times with nose pliers! Ensure the contacts pierces through the insulation on the wire as there are so many non-standard wires on the market!
3. reminder: no stripping of the wires. Just be sure polarity nodes are matched up “+” to “+” and “-” to “-“.
If you have any problem about installation, pls feel free to contact me.