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12*25mm Neon LED Silicone Tube for 12mm PCB width LED Strips

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Product name: 1225 two-color neon light silicone sleeve
Size: 12*25mm
Color: transparent + milky white
Features: You can’t see the lamp beads, the whole strip is bright!
Applicable: wear 12mm board width bare board light strip
Uses: Widely used in LED SMD soft light industry PCB board light bar, LED silicone sleeve, made of food-grade silicone material, the product has high transparency, strong sealing performance, waterproof, good softness, can be arbitrarily Bending, oil resistance, ozone resistance, voltage resistance, high temperature resistance and other characteristics.
LED silicone casing can meet the needs of different customers for products! Now it is widely used in LED light bars, light box industry, display counters, automobiles and home decoration. The product has a high level of hygiene and has passed RoHS and REACH certification.
Performance: Compared with ordinary double-two-four tubes, it has the characteristics of no yellowing, better high and low temperature resistance (-40℃~200℃), and no low molecular precipitation (no frosting).