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10mm 4pin IP65 Waterproof 5050 RGB Strip Solderless Connector Extend Line, Wire Length 15cm

  • The 4 pin led connectors are suitable for the OUTDOOR version of the LED strips (I.e., the ones with the silicone covering)
  • It will help you to save time and headache of soldering. Use this connection box to join cut RGB 5050 LED strip light together without soldering
  • Suitable for Waterproof rgb led strip light with 10mm wide PCB board;such as 5050 rgb led strip lights
  • No need to solder. Just clasp your prepared led strip section into the connector to get connected.

Our RGB 5050 LED strip connectors (Waterproof Style) are a simple, frustration-free solution for all of our LED light strip connection and extension needs. These solderless connectors install with a simple clasp attachment, meaning that you can achieve a safe and secure connection without any tools.
The LED strip can then slide inside the connector, passing under the metal arms. Ensure the arms are pushing down onto the copper contacts of the LED Strip. Then close the connector cover, ensuring the teeth clamp directly onto the circuit board of the LED strip not the gel coating

Product Features :
Connect your strip light to another strip light, dimmer, or power supply
Simple, tool-free installation
1 Year Warranty

Technical Specifications :
Metal material: Copper/Surface treatment:tin
Plastic material:NyLon66 UL94V-0
Wire range: AWG#22#20
Applicability PCB board: thickness:0.2-0.4mm / width:10mm
Applicable specifications: 60/30leds per meter SMD5050 RGB Waterproof strip
Working voltage & current: DC12-24V,4A
Working temperature:-10℃~ +55℃